OOC Search Opens @ Pernworld's Fort Weyr!

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OOC Search Opens @ Pernworld's Fort Weyr!

Postby Vaheoke » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:23 pm

Fort Weyr is, undeniably, a weyr of tradition. It was the first; it might one day be the last, but suppositions the likes of those are best suited for less prosperous times. The point is, in a world of burgeoning industry, Fort is still a bastion of conventions, forgoing luxuries touted by Ierne and other, more advanced in order to better focus on the things that matter: people, politics, and public relations.

Granted, there are times when in Fort Weyr, technology changes you. A grid-wide power outage a little over four turns ago has led to an influx of techcrafters looking to nullify the problem (no more Big Red Button that shuts down the whole weyr, SORRY FUTURE MISCHIEF MAKERS) and slowly chip away at the weyr's resolve not to expand its capabilities. Other crafts have likewise taken up the charge, seeking to at least partake in this small bit of revolution, even if they don't seek to be agents of change themselves.

As if a minor crafter rebellion weren't enough, with only a day of glowing before a storm hit and brought the mating flight with it, gold Kouzevelth of Fort shocked everyone by glowing slightly less than a turn after her last clutch. With her previous clutches having been nearly five turns apart, dragonhealers suspect that she's making up for lost time. Either way, it seems to be a one-off and not a considerable health concern or any threat to the dragon's overall fertility.

That said, the flight itself happened faster than normal, and its unexpected nature resulted in her being caught by a Half Moon Bay bronze yet again; this time, Ila'den's Teimyrth.

OOC: That's right folks, it's Search time again~! Fort's OOC Search is open from now until September 23rd, and you are welcome to apply by using 'search me' from any room on the game! We're looking for any and all character types, from weyrbrats to weyrstaff to crafters and anything in between! Questions can be directed by @mail to your SearchCo: Inri, Th'ero, Nyalle, Leia, I'rly and Syn! <3

Our Wiki: http://fort.wikidot.com/start

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